Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facts and Figures for the Quantitative Crowd

A semi-random selection of facts and figures about the bike trip:

Trip Details:
Total distance: 2177 miles
Total time: 36 days
Total time spent riding: 190 hours, 8 minutes
Total Climbing: 55,000 feet
Average speed: 11.45 mph
Average riding time: 5.3 hrs per day
Daily mileage: 60.5 miles/day
States visited: 9
Canadian provinces visited: 1
Longest day: 100 miles
Shortest day: 32 miles
Fastest speed (Eric's bike): 40 mph

Bike Details:
Flat tires: 12
Broken spokes: 3

Cost Details:
Total Cost: $4,007.23
Average cost per person-day: $33.67
Average cost per person-day in Canada: $47.36
Average cost per person-month: $1,010.23
(These costs do not include the gear or initial train ride)

These statistics are interesting to compare to the bike trip that I took with Jason. On that trip, we had a significantly higher daily mileage (17 miles per day more), but just about the same average speed (11.85 vs. 11.45). The difference was made up in time on the bike: on the last trip, Jason and I rode about an hour and a half more each day. The daily costs worked out to be about the same on the two trips. I think that some of this may be due to economy of scale, since we had several more riders this time. Oddly, we had more flat tires this time, even though there was less person-miles covered.


Kim said...

As a member of the quantitative crowd, thanks!

Rachael Hittinger said...

Life off of a bike is slowly becoming normal. I have adjusted to buying groceries in bulk; I'm getting used to driving a fast car; and yesterday I caught myself just in time before informing a co-worker about my upcoming date with the monster.