Thursday, August 30, 2007

Damn the Torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead!

And we are now moving quickly towards our end goal. Tomorrow, we break off the comfortable Adventure Cycling maps and head (somewhat) into the unknown. The plan is to follow the Erie Canal until Albany, then play it by ear, maybe head south for a while along the Hudson, or maybe go straight for RI. We are now headed to the Ocean State with all deliberate speed, so expect us in 5 or 6 days.

Threading the Needle

So we are in Rochester, NY right now and will tomorrow be leaving the comfortable Adventure Cycling Maps. We will follow the Erie Canal through the magic pass of NY State - check out the picture below for the surprising valley through upstate NY.

Afterwards, we will probably head straight for RI, but I'm just not sure right now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thought for Food

More interesting food stories.

Earlier in the week we bought a bag of 6 bagels for breakfast the next day. We decided that the bagels, which were in a sealed bag inside another bag would be ok out on the picnic table overnight. But in the morning there were gone. We both secretly suspected that the other person had eaten them in the nighttime and searched through our bag (in case we accidentally put them away) and all around our camp. But we couldn't find any trace of them. In the end we decided to eat junk snacks for breakfast. While eating, Jason spied a plastic bag about 150 feet away. There were our bagels (or at least 4 of them). I guess some animal had dragged them 150 feet then ate 2 of the 6 bagels. Jason ate another 2, but I abstained from the cursed, or at least suspicious, bagels.

Also, here is a picture of some food that we did not eat.

Eat Your Heart Out, Gerry Canavan

So we are in Cleveland. Events including the following:

1. Stop at Thwing to buy Case sticker for bike. Find out that Case now has a new logo. Or perhaps I should say, "a new new logo". The new logo is not the bent paper clip/fat man carrying a surfboard that appeared around 2003. No, there is an even newer logo now that everything in the school has finally been covered with the old new logo. For those keeping score at home, the new new logo is a stylized version of the old sunset logo. Anyway, I at least got my Case sticker really cheap since it had the old new logo on it.

2. Pose in front of my old building, Kent Hale Smith.

3. Go to Tommy's and perform my usual ritual. This includes putting my name on the list along with the note "in Mac's", then go next door to Mac's and buy current issues of Adbusters and Philosophy Now magazines. After getting seated, order coffee shake, JJ with some grilled chicken "cut up and thrown in there" (with associated hand motion), and order of fries.

There is just something extra fun about doing the same familiar stuff while on a cross-country bike trip.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Lighter Side of Iowa

First, a picture of a sign in a bar here. Poetic in a way.

And Secondly, a picture of the huge tree branches that were in our way on a bike path. It took us about 5 minutes to carefully carry the 2 bikes through this morass.

Left at Muscatine


So we have been meandering around Minnesotta and Iowa, following the river (the Mississippi). Iowa is very hilly. Remember this. I mean very hilly. And wet. Don't forget.

We are in Iowa today, but will be in Illinois tomorrow. After another 50 miles south, we will make a left turn in Muscatine and cruise straight east. No more messing around. Expect Illonois and Indiana to fall in the next 5 or 6 days.

The Syrup of Freedom

Popeye : Spinach :: Eric : High Fructose Corn Syrup

We have learned a lot about food, and have beccome experts on what to buy and eat from gas stations. Some things of importance:
-In the Iowa area, there is a tendency to have a fixed price (usually just over a dollar) for fountain drinks. Ever wonder who drinks the 44 oz sodas? I do. And sometimes I get a refill (my largest soda hit was 64 oz).
-Jason found one gas station where he got a 44 oz milkshake. I'll leave you to ponder that one. And, amazingly, he drank the whole thing.
-Hot dogs are very cheap. At one gas station, they had a deal where you get a 32 oz fountain drink and 3 hot dogs for 2 dollars. And they had Sobe Energy on tap, and fixings for the hot dogs. We immediately cancelled our dinner plans.
-Little Debbie "Oatmeal Cream Pies" cost $1.29 for a dozen. Thats just over 10 cents each! And the first ingredient is not oatmeal, but high fructose corn syrup - it used to be a sweetener, but is now a food.

As this post seems to attest, we have mostly hit rock bottom as far as food is concerned. Cooking is going down, high fructose corn syrup is on the rise.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Time, No Blog


We have no been posting alot recently, but here goes a quick update:

The last week of riding was very nice, since we have actually had to slow down in order not to get into Minneapolis too soon. We have gotten to the point where going 70 miles makes for an easy day, so we generally get in around 3 PM and sit around.

I am right now in Orlando, as we are all on our vacation from vacation. Brian got married yesterday, and Jason and I will continue where we left off tommorow.

And now I have to go...