Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thought for Food

More interesting food stories.

Earlier in the week we bought a bag of 6 bagels for breakfast the next day. We decided that the bagels, which were in a sealed bag inside another bag would be ok out on the picnic table overnight. But in the morning there were gone. We both secretly suspected that the other person had eaten them in the nighttime and searched through our bag (in case we accidentally put them away) and all around our camp. But we couldn't find any trace of them. In the end we decided to eat junk snacks for breakfast. While eating, Jason spied a plastic bag about 150 feet away. There were our bagels (or at least 4 of them). I guess some animal had dragged them 150 feet then ate 2 of the 6 bagels. Jason ate another 2, but I abstained from the cursed, or at least suspicious, bagels.

Also, here is a picture of some food that we did not eat.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that you had a special guest join you on a special day. I want to hear about Rae! Your trip sounds great. I hope that last few days go well.