Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out, Gerry Canavan

So we are in Cleveland. Events including the following:

1. Stop at Thwing to buy Case sticker for bike. Find out that Case now has a new logo. Or perhaps I should say, "a new new logo". The new logo is not the bent paper clip/fat man carrying a surfboard that appeared around 2003. No, there is an even newer logo now that everything in the school has finally been covered with the old new logo. For those keeping score at home, the new new logo is a stylized version of the old sunset logo. Anyway, I at least got my Case sticker really cheap since it had the old new logo on it.

2. Pose in front of my old building, Kent Hale Smith.

3. Go to Tommy's and perform my usual ritual. This includes putting my name on the list along with the note "in Mac's", then go next door to Mac's and buy current issues of Adbusters and Philosophy Now magazines. After getting seated, order coffee shake, JJ with some grilled chicken "cut up and thrown in there" (with associated hand motion), and order of fries.

There is just something extra fun about doing the same familiar stuff while on a cross-country bike trip.


Gerry Canavan said...

In all honesty, I am eating my heart out.

Anonymous said...


Uncle Roy and I both envy you being in Cleveland. Only, we do not want to ride our bikes to get there. :) We miss Cleveland, just not downtown in the winter.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the trip. Aunt Nina