Friday, February 24, 2017

10th Annual DC to Pittsburgh Bike Trip Schedule

This is the approximate schedule that we will follow.  It is slightly different than usual, adding a half day spread across the first few days (by the end of day 3, it is back to the usual schedule). The Canal milemarkers for various stops are given in (parentheses). There are many restaurants, but people will still need to bring some of their own food (lunch the first day, dinner the second, and breakfast the fourth). A bunch of granola bars (or whatever) will do the job for these meals, if you can stand eating them.  Food can also be picked up along the way.

Day 1 - Friday, 28 July (lunch on trail)
Meet at Key Park (DC) around 10:00AM
(15) Great Falls

(35) Whites Ferry (snack shop, probably)
(48) Point of Rocks (dinner)

(47.6) Camp here

Day 2 - Saturday, 29 July (dinner on trail)
(55) Brunswick (breakfast)
(60) Harpers Ferry (ice cream, snacks)
(72) Shepardstown (lunch)
(95.2) Camp here

Day 3 - Sunday, 30 July

(100) Williamsport (breakfast)
(112) Ft. Frederick
(~114) Detour onto WMRT (or not - your choice)
(124) Hancock (lunch)
(141) Little Orleans (dinner)
(144.5) Camp here

Day 4 - Monday, 
31 July (breakfast+ on trail)
(156) Paw Paw tunnel
(184) Cumberland (lunch) - DC people get a ride back from here
(GAP 16) Frostburg (dinner) - Camp here

Day 5 - Tuesday, 
1 August
(GAP 32) Meyersdale (breakfast)
(GAP 63) Confluence (lunch)
(GAP 74) Ohiopyle (dinner)
(GAP 75) Camp at Ohiopyle

Day 6 - Wednesday, 2
(GAP 91) Connelsville (breakfast)
(GAP 116) West Newton (lunch)
(GAP 135) McKeesport
(GAP 150) Pittsburgh (dinner)

People starting in Pittsburgh can organize transportation to DC on Thursday night (I can find places for us to stay in DC).  The best bet is the now-operational "roll on" bike service on Amtrak.  Though, depending on numbers, we may do the standard thing (rent a one-way car for transporting people and a one-way truck rental for transporting bikes). DC folks can also arrange a ride from Cumberland back to DC on Monday afternoon to take DC people and their bikes back.

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