Friday, February 24, 2017

The Slow-and-Fun Family- and Beginner-Friendly Rochester to Niagara Falls Bike Trip Schedule

This is subject to some flexibility, as there are many options and alternatives, but the baseline schedule is:

7 July:
Depart from Rochester, meeting at Genesee Valley Park around 10AM
Spencerport for lunch
Holley for dinner
Camping at Red Rocks Ponds RV Resort (right on Canal)

8 July:
Albion for breakfast
Medina for lunch
Gasport for dinner
Camping at Niagara County Camping Resort (4 miles off Canal)

9 July:
Lockport for breakfast
(lots of places along the way for lunch)
Niagara Falls in afternoon!
Evening: people can either get a ride/train back to Rochester or stay overnight at hotel (we will stay overnight)

10 July
Do various NF activities before heading back


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