Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Just Biked in From Seattle and Boy Are My Legs Tired!

Well, we did it (essentially). We performed a series of absurd tasks and are now in RI. We were supposed to come in later today, but made a last minute decision yesterday at lunch to turn 2 days of biking into one super-long day. So yesterday we got on the road late (9 AM, thanks to late biking the days before), did one of the hilliest days yet (curses to Central Conneticut), finished 137 miles, and got in at 11:30 PM. That will probably stand as the greatest bike feat for a while.

So all we have left to do today is to go to the ocean, which around here is essentially everywhere.


Anonymous said...

congrats and thanks for keeping us posted


Anonymous said...

great job on one (1) each bike trip across country!! Let us know when you make it back to DC!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric:

Congratulations to you and Jason on finishing your dream trip across America. Not only did you eat the elephant but by all accounts it appears the both of you also ate like an elephant.

Mr. & Mrs. Haserodt