Monday, September 10, 2007

Just the Facts, Ma'am

so for those of you who love statistics and rankings, here is a breakdown of the trip.

Riding Breakdown:
Total Miles: 4195 (lets call it 4200 for argument's sake)
Total days of trip: 59
Total days riding: 54
Total time riding: 354 hours 11 minutes
States visited: 15
Canadian provinces visited: 2
Average miles per day: 77.7 miles/day
Average hours biked per day: 6.55 hours
Average speed: 11.85 mph
Longest day: 138 miles (the last day, into RI)
Shortest day: 35 miles (going up Logan Pass in Glacier Park)
Fastest speed (eric's bike): 45 mph
Best roads (state): Illinois
Worst roads (area): Buffalo, NY and surroundings

Bike Breakdown (this is a pun):
Flat tires (total): 7
Broken Spokes: 7 (all on Jason's bike, rear wheel, non-drive side)
Rear Derailleur Falling apart: 1 (Jason's bike)
Loose pedal bearing: 1 (Eric's bike)
Lost objects: 1 each East German Handkerchief (Jason), 1 each blue high-tech underwear (Eric)
Objects taken away by Canada (or "surrendered to the crown", as they say): 1 pepper spray "dog repellent"

Cost Breakdown:
The costs below reflect the money I actually spent during the trip, but include everything during that time. They do not include the cost of my bike or the camping gear (fairly considerable), which I already owned. This is just the money that I spent, and doesn't include Jason's expenses.

Cash Spent: $1400
Credit Card Purchases: $2100
Plane Ticket: $300

Total Expenditure: $3800
This is pretty good, considering that my original estimate was $5000.


Mendon said...

Nice. It's inspiring to see you complete this trip. It makes me want to plan and execute something of equally daunting measure.

Mara Noelle said...

high-tech underwear?

eric said...

Well, yes.. about the "high tech"... in the camping/excercise world there is now this explosion of synthetic fabric technology (mainly involving moisture-wicking, thermal regulation, stick absorbtion). There are lots of different brand names for the materials of different types and functions. I lump them all together under the term "high tech" clothes.