Saturday, September 8, 2007

Now That the Elephant Has Been Consumed...

What should I do with this blog? I have a few more things to post here yet about the bike trip (statistics from the trip, edited movies, links to a much larger selection of pictures, etc.), so don't stop checking. But after all that is done, I'm not sure what to do with it, so I have set up a poll to the right.

I could just abandon it as it is - it was meant as a way to tell people about my exploits on the bike trip, and it has served that purpose, but that is essentially over.

I could keep it going as a bike touring blog, discussing biking, future (shorter) bike trips I take, bike gear/technology, camping, etc. If I went this way, it would be updated more infrequently than during the trip, since I really would not have tons of relevant stuff to talk about.

Or I could turn it into "eric's blog", since I don't have a blog. In this case, it would become only marginally about biking, and mostly about books, video games, pirates, and monkeys (probably).

So, let the people decide! Vote in the sidebar on the right!

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steve said...

I would say all of the above. Also, please write a review of your PS3 and how happy you are with the purchase.