Saturday, June 5, 2010

DC to Pittsburgh Bike Trip Finished

The annual DC to Pittsburgh Bike Trip is now safely ended. 19 people biked the C and O Canal portion and 9 biked the entire trip. We had perfect weather and a good crowd with no slowpokes at all. We did, however, have significant bike issues including: a magically and suddenly warped wheel, one example of extremely dubious rack/bag mounting, another wheel which could not be convinced to stop throwing spokes, and a tire that was so frayed on the sidewall that the inner tube was literally poking out of it. Problems were dealt with as they came up (note to self: buy more kevlar spokes) and we kept right on schedule.
Because we had so many people, we tried out a new concept: a command system. We had four teams with four team leaders (Rob, Scotty, Ed, and Jason). People had to be on one of them, but could switch as desired. Each team could then decide their own schedule/breaks/pace. This seems to have worked out quite well, and even fostered some inter-team competition.
I'm not going to do a movie this year (though I hear a rumor that R might), but I will post a link here to our pictures (a mix of R's and mine). They are geotagged, though some of the locations are a bit off due to us not being in the same location at all times. Also, I will post links to other folks' pictures too, since we had such a big group and mainly did not take pictures of the same things.

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