Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naming Conventions

So I have a problem, and I need help.

When Jason and I biked across the country in 2007, we referred to the trip as the "Big Bike Trip". That name stuck and I commonly find myself begin long-winded stories with "On the Big Bike Trip...". But now we have a second "Big Bike Trip". What should I call it? "Big Bike Trip 2" (Or "II")? "The Underground Railroad"? "The One With Rachael, Shira, and Michael"?

But now there is another big bike trip, and I feel like a historian in the middle of World War II wondering what to call it. They had already had the "Great War", but now there was another pretty good war. The "Greater War" (note that this still leaves room for the "Greatest War")? Also, why didn't they just go with "Great War II" rather than go back and re-name the previous war?


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Roc said...

Second Big Bike Trip... people will ask: "wait, which was the first?" leading to more talk)
Big Bike Trip Part Deux... cinematic
Big Bike Trip... just associate the same name with the latest one...
Bike Big Trip... move some words around.
Super Bike Trip... not necessarily bigger but train stopping.