Monday, July 2, 2007

Blogged Down

Ok rock stars,
Many of you know my policy on blogs. Some of you may not. My policy is that 99.4% percent of blogs are made by jerks who have nothing of value to say and are simply polluting the already polluted streams of the Internet with shouts of "Me! I'm important! Listen to what I have to say!". So, despite the "encouragers" who have said, "Eric, you should have a blog - if I got really bored, I might read it and that would be mildly entertaining", I have until this point stayed blog-free. But at least for the next 9 weeks, I will have something interesting to talk about and the popular opinion has spoken ("Hey, are you going to have a blog or something for your trip?").

So here it is: The Cross-Country Bike Trip Blog...

In case you haven't been following the eric-related news, myself and my friend Jason are going to be biking across the country from Seattle to Rhode Island starting on July 7. We will be self-supported and camping most of the time. Posts to this blog may be intermittent and crappy, but its pretty much the only way you will be able to keep track of us, so you'll just have to deal.

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