Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update: Chocolate Milk is the New Pink

So it turns out that I am not crazy. We ran into another biker going the opposite direction on the Northern Tier and had dinner with him. During dinner, we mostly both had our maps out - us telling him what good stuff was coming up for him and he telling us what was good on our route forward (very convenient, this information exchange). But during dinner, when I ordered my usual chocolate milk, he noted that he had heard from other people that it was a great energy drink. Thus, outside conformation.

Also, Jason has switched over and will now do chocolate milk or shakes with me.


Rich H said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am proud of you taking the "bike by the horns" and doing something very difficult but very important to you. Your journey is something that most people would never attempt and it is something that you will look back on with great memories. The fact that you had the ability to complete this trip also tells me that you have a good support system at home - Thanks Rachael!
Have fun and use the time to think over a solution to all of the world's problems.


Stephanie said...

I was talking to a woman today who had been gestational diabetic. In her instructions from her doctor, chocolate milk was listed as a better absorbed drink than the sports drinks, so more outside confirmation.
The Mother-in-Law

Victoria said...

Dark chocolate is also heart healthy and full of antioxidants. You are on the right track with the chocolate idea. Anything that tastes that good can't be bad for you!
Blueberries are also good for you as well! I've been picking some recently at Rocky Point Farm.
I don't know if I've ever eaten a huckleberry. What do they taste like?


Mendon said...

hey, have you guys thought about setting up a google maps widget to trace your trek across the US so that we can see your movement a little more visually?

Anonymous said...

Eric, You are biking like a rock-star! As a result of your expedition, Cafe South Inc. will be exploring possibilities to venture into the sports-drink market. The "New Pink" will be introduced as our first Fall-line product(s). Remember, "Its on the House!"


MHart0124 said...

Are you really planning to swing through Ithaca? Let me know when if you plan to - if I am there, I can hook you up with a place to stay, beds, showers, internet, everything. If I'm not there yet (I am planning around Aug 13), I'm sure I have some friends that can hook you up. Good luck on the rest of the trip, you, and to a lesser extent Jason, are the man.