Monday, July 16, 2007

Chocolate Milk is the new Pink?

We are now into high food mode. We've been eating four big meals a day and always eat fat and meat and desserts (The all-you-can-eat diet, essentially). This is really no suprise. But the big suprise is that gatorade is become somewhat less palatable for me. But I have found an even better substitute.

After riding for hours in the hot sun, I have found that a big container of chocolate milk really hits the spot. No joke. It sounds like it would be awful, but it combines the two things I crave after a long ride: water and fat (and has some sugar to boot).

So I'm thinking that I should get the milk industry to pay me to try to break them into the sports drink business - a chocolate milk drink to compete with gatorade. Jason has suggested the name: "Udder Energy".

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