Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No More Messing Around

Ok rock stars,

anybody who thinks we have been moving quickly so far is in for a surprise. We have been going up and down mountains, touring through beautiful places. We have gone north, east, south, west, north, just rolling around visiting every neat thing in the area. Well, all that is changing now.

We are now headed express across the plains, straight as an arrow, East. And we plan on making some good time. So hold on to your hats for the section I like to call Minnesota Express. I have a date with a plane on August 9, and I have no interest in missing it.


Lauren said...

It seems like you're going to get to Rochester before I'm even back yet. humm.
Keep on truckin'.

Victoria said...

There are many individuals hoping you make the plane trip on August 9 (myself included).
Hope there is not a Gulag, part 3.