Saturday, July 24, 2010

Biker Bios (by Shira)

Hello faithful blog readers. Most of you probably know only one or two of the bikers on our trip -- here are some bios on the rest of us so you can keep up with the blog posts:

Eric: Age 30, unemployed graduate student, Pittsburgh, PA. Chief bike mechanic -- able to change a rear, drive-side spoke (and true the wheel) in 37 minutes flat, while swearing on the side of the road in 105 degrees. Dog slayer: in charge of pepper spray and knives. Ensures that we look as homeless as possible. Navigator.

Rachael, Pittsburgh, PA: Age 29, high school English teacher (the only biker with a job). Chief dog yeller, mom and historian. Chef. Reminds us that the slaves had to walk this route, with people trying to hunt them instead of dogs.

Michael: Age 15, unemployed high school student, Alexandria, VA. Chief boy scout and doctor. Can distinguish between sweat rash, bug bites and fungus, which is quite handy on a bike trip. Can tell you what kind of tick is on your leg.

Bill: Age 57, retired computer programmer, Nashville, TN. Found us on the side of the road somewhere in Kentucky. In charge of discouraging homelessness. Able to get lazy graduate/high school students to wake up at 5 am to bike. Chief electrolyte supplier.

Shira: Age 26, unemployed graduate student, Pittsburgh, PA. Other chef. Dog bait.


Anonymous said...

Michael- I didn't know you had medical skills - do I sense a career?????

Bill - you could be my hero! Keep up with the electrolytes!

Rachael - thanks for taking up my slack!

Eric - please check Michael's gears, shifters? I'm out of my league here.

Shira - I can say almost nothing about being dog bait, but apparently, Michael only has to be faster than you.

Michael's mom

Louise said...

So - do the dogs get bigger as you go north or smaller? If you were traveling by boat you would have a flare gun to discourage interlopers. Don't forget the wasp spray.

Mara Noelle said...

1. This is awesome! You have got my sister SPOT. ON. She sure did get a whole lot of our mother in her :-)

2. You have underdescribed yourself. I'm guessing by your posts that you keep the crew in stitches, as well. I declare you trip humorist. You definitely have me giggling every time you post!

I checked out the photos recently. Rae, I love you so much! Every time I check the photos and the blog my heart simply swells with love and pride - and a bit of jealousy, too. You're awesome! (and why's the hair so curly?)

eric said...

Let me point out that my time for changing a spoke includes removing the cassette, because we are talking about putting a real spoke back on the wheel.

Rachael Hittinger said...

I agree that Shira is the humorist. Mara- I love you too!!
The one thing that gets washed more often on this bike trip than when at home is my hair... thus the curls.