Thursday, July 15, 2010

Biker to Hobo (by Shira)

When camping behind a grocery store in Coffeeville, Alabama, I had the following conversation with the store manager:

Shira: Thanks so much for letting us camp behind the store, we would have been homeless otherwise.
Manager: No problem, but you're still kind of homeless.

At that moment, on day 6 of our bike ride, I knew that we crossed the boundary into the land of the hobos (pictures to follow of the shantytown we put up behind the supermarket, complete with our laundry hanging on a shopping cart). I think we made the official transition 2 days earlier when we spotted a b0x of half eaten Krispy Kremes left in a gas station, and ate them without question. Later that night, the folks camping across from us gave us their leftovers for dinner, and we saved our leftovers of their leftovers for breakfast.

The next day, Michael fell asleep on a bench at a closed gas station.

The other day Eric said this to the rest of us, in all seriousness: "So I got some good advice from the homeless guy outside Wal-mart: non-dairy creamer is good foot moisturizer, corn startch is good for sweat rash". Hopfully we will be able to dispense some good advice soon.


Elizabeth said...

Hilarious! I am enjoying reading about your adventures, especially in the middle of the night while feeding the baby...keep up the good work (re: blogging and biking)!

mdornbrook said...

This is a total win! This is, hands down, the best biking editorial I have ever read.

Brinda A. said...

I'm getting an ab workout reading your hoboncular adventures! Keep them coming!

AR said...

All I have to say to all of this is, 'wow.'